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Lead generation

Find new B2B qualified leads


Lead Generation is the process of finding and funneling prospects into the marketing or sales department. It includes the collection of information from a potential customer - such as name, email, company name and job title - that will be used to personalize the communication and complete the sale.

At Digitale, the lead generation mechanism we activate for B2B businesses focuses on their growth. Our mechanism includes Digital Marketing, Sales Enablement and Business Training strategies to optimize lead generation rates. Not only do we design customized marketing plans based on your needs and goals, but we also create a lead management process, to ensure the conversion of prospects into loyal buyers.

Why do businesses have difficulty in

Finding Potential Customers

The lead generation process is not a simple matter for the sales department. For many years the lead generation process was 100% outbound, as the sales department found leads through exhibitions, visits or phone calls. That wasn’t a problem for companies until customers changed how their providers wanted to contact them.

Now they want to have the option to look for a company that know their needs and understand their challenges.

They are more likely to give their details in a company that has given them valuable, educational content and has gained their trust.

This is the Inbound approach.


63% of B2B companies say lead generation is their top challenge (HubSpot)

Inbound Methodology:

The new way for lead generation that works

Many B2B companies make the mistake of implementing random marketing actions to a wide audience without criteria or specific characteristics.

So, they lose the focus on people who are really interested in what the company has to offer.

Days were gone since sales were made with an outbound phone call from a list or random visits to potential customers. The whole market is now focused on Inbound lead generation.

Lead generation is now part of the inbound marketing process and is based on a basic principle: “First help, then sell.”


Proper implementation of Inbound Marketing is 10 times more effective for Lead Conversion compared to outbound.

(Hubspot -

Our Services for

Finding Quality Leads

At Digitale, we use new technologies and Inbound Marketing tactics, to find potential customers who have a high benefit for your company. To create a continuous flow of new prospects, we offer:


  • Specific and customized Inbound strategy
  • Site optimization based on explicit specifications
  • Continuous content creation after study and research (Content Strategy)
  • Targeted lead generation ads
  • Technologies & applications that provide the most important information about your visitors, even if they have never come in contact with you.
  • Lead tracking and management tools (HubSpot)
  • Training of the sales department in new sales tools & techniques.
  • Sales department training in lead nurturing.


Your site as a tool for Lead generation



Only 4% of your website visitors are ready to buy.

This means that the rest 96% of the website traffic might remain idle. At Digitale, we have the knowledge, the methodology and the tools so that your visitors are directed exactly where you want: towards conversions, deals and sales.

Our goal is to turn your B2B site into a leads generation engine, with:


  • Smart design with lead magnets
  • Clear menu based on the user’s experience (UX)
  • Accurate and useful content (blogposts, ebooks, reports, case studies)
  • New communication channels (chatbox, sales calendar)
  • Correct call to actions
  • Marketing automations
  • Company identification tools

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Why With us

You choose us because:

We work on the lead generation process on three levels: We use all the suitable channels, from social media and email marketing to paid media and a variety of technological tools to enhance the prospect discovery effort based on your goals.


Our team will apply techniques that will significantly improve the flow of new leads and your conversion rates. What are the key benefits you can expect from our lead generation service?


100% exclusivity of method & process for your company


We work with only one company per industry exclusively, to ensure the confidentiality of your information, your corporate strategy and the uniqueness of our method.


Quality prospects


We will target the right people so that you only receive potential customers who are highly motivated and meet the criteria you have set. This increases the sale potential.


Sending leads in real-time


Your prospects are sent in real-time to the sales department, through the HubSpot platform, for the best and most time-efficient service possible. Time matters!


Online Lead Management

Through the HubSpot platform, you see the new prospects in real-time along with the source they came from, the website pages they visited, and important information about their business. Thus, the sales department has all the data it needs before getting in touch with them.





You want to activate your own

Mechanism for Lead Generation?

Success Stories

Customers Case Studies


Technology | SaaS

Voiceland | A success story

The challenge in the case of VOICELAND was a small traffic to the site and a shallow lead conversion rate. Despite the lead campaigns that ran on social media, they could not bring the desired number of leads, which had to change immediately.

  • 310% - New Leads

  • 480% - Increase in Customer's base

  • 350% - Increase Revenue

  • 450% - Organic Traffic

Case study

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Having extensive experience in the B2B industry we have identified the most important difficulties that businesses are called to overcome through the Digital world.