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Digital Marketing for wholesalers

As profit margins decline and competition increases, wholesalers need to speed up their digitization processes. Digital marketing has become a one-way ticket towards the rapid growth of your business, helping you find new buyers and optimize customer service.


As a Gold HubSpot Solutions Partner, Digitale contributes to the development of wholesale companies with specialized B2B digital marketing solutions, despite the complexity of a wholesaler’s operating model.


Increase the quality of service, identify new customers and harmonize the functions of your departments with the help of the most innovative tools and practices.


The implementation of digital marketing tactics and the overall control of marketing actions is the No. 1 challenge for wholesale and distribution companies. The absence of strategy often leads to wrong practices such as:

  • Lack of brand awareness
  • Limited online presence and interaction with the audience
  • Lack of harmonization and automation between departments
  • Non converting website


Wholesale reseller companies need an agency that knows in-depth the challenges and needs of the industry. Connecting the dots and finding applicable solutions ensure:

  • Creating a business plan based on the vision and goals
  • Publishing targeted content and ads
  • Using new technologies for maximum efficiency
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How Can Digital Marketing Help?

Digitale’s experienced team offers you personalized services to achieve your goals.

With Digitale you can:

  • Build healthy relationships with customers and partners

    Based on the profile of your partners and customers, we implement communication that is essential and leads to more stable relationships. Digitale designs smart campaigns to bring new customers to your company based on your ideal customer profile.

  • Aim and expand in new markets

    Finding new customers becomes easier through a dynamic and targeted digital presence that brings quality leads. By targeting based on searches, demographics, geography and other data, you run effective campaigns on the exact networks your audience uses.

  • Strengthen your brand

    With storytelling and content creation you can state your brand DNA. Digitale visualizes your manifesto and places your brand in the memory of your potential customers. This will eventually convince them to trust you for their next projects.

  • %

    94% of the highest performing salespeople believe they get better leads through marketing practices

  • Strengthen your sales team

    The work of sales and marketing teams is facilitated by automations that give you access to information and real-time data. Discover new opportunities and save resources and time with the help of technology.

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Which B2B digital solutions does your company need?

Digital services for Wholesalers

Digitale team offers you specialized solutions and tools suitable for the wholesale industry

  • Integrated inbound strategy

    Digitale develops an effective inbound strategy for your business focusing on real data. Use the power of analytics and make a brand-effective opening to the market.

  • Quality lead generation

    Through useful content like blogposts and ebooks, your business reaches top search engine results and can be found organically by new buyers. With Digitale’s inbound methodology you gain new customers without needing large ad budgets

  • Did you know that with inbound methodology

    Υou can increase the percentage of finding new customers?


    • 44%

      increase in new opportunities

    • 120%

      more leads

    • x3

      more website traffic

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  • Highlight the leading position of your brand

    The content created by Digitale highlights the specialization of your company and pinpoints your unique products to establish your leadership position. Activating your accounts on social networks greatly enhances recognition and offers digital experiences to your audience.

  • Train your team

    Through Digitale business training and automation technology, your team learns to harness the power of digital marketing. The departments align their functions and you make a long lasting and fruitful investment.

An experience team focusing on your needs

Together we can grow better

Thanks to our collaboration with more than 40 different B2B industries and HubSpot technology, we have developed the I.ABM method, one of the most powerful B2B digital marketing approaches.


Increase the quality of service, identify new customers, organize the sales department with the help of the most innovative tools and practices.

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