Digital Marketing for Manufacturing

The latest digital transformation is a big challenge for manufacturers.

The industry, using traditional practices and relying heavily on sales and referrals to find new customers, has left new technologies untapped.


Networking tools used to find new leads and bring growth are still waiting to be discovered.


The challenges manufacturers need to face are caused by bad practices or low engagement with the digital environment. These are:

  • Low growth in new customers
  • Old platforms for operations & sales (eg CRM)
  • Lack of online and search engine visibility
  • Outdated and non converting website
  • Limited digital presence


Challenges create needs that manufacturers have to meet without holding the necessary knowledge or any well-trained staff. These needs are:

  • Creating a solid Digital strategy
  • Attracting new, targeted companies
  • Application of lead generation mechanisms
  • Strengthening digital presence and market position
  • Sales assistance with new tools and techniques
Solutions for Manufacturing

How Can Digital Marketing Help?

Digitale’s experienced team enhances your sales team performance and digital visibility.


We help you form the standards in your niche using the inbound marketing methodology we have developed, with advanced online tools, such as HubSpot Sales & Marketing CRM.

We can help you to:

  • Build trust with your customers

    With Digitale’s inbound methodology, all the know-how and experience you have can now be shared in the form of digital content to all your digital channels. Thus, you prove that you are well aware of your customers’ needs, and they entrust you with solving their problems.

  • Reach the top of the search engine results pages

    With SEO techniques, the proper architecture of your site and the constant creation of targeted and authentic content, your site becomes visible to search engines. Thus, you are constantly attracting new and quality leads for your business, and at the same time, you become a thought leader.

  • Strengthen communication with your partners

    With B2B email marketing and the automation of digital tools such as HubSpot, you achieve continuous and effective communication with your partners, customers and suppliers.

  • %

    52% of B2B buyers said they "definitely" are more likely to choose a vendor after reading their posted content.

  • Expand in new markets

    After defining your business goals, we select the right audience and entry point into the market and develop a marketing plan. Based on our ROI estimation, we calculate the return on your investment. This reduces the risk for your business and ensures better profitability.

  • Make targeted lead generation

    You make your site a digital seller that creates new leads by putting the right content on your site and creating incentives for potential customers to leave their information (ebooks, surveys, case studies).

  • Remain the leader of your industry

    With a dynamic digital presence that appropriately communicates your philosophy and innovative ideas, you are established in the public’s minds as the market leader. By writing the right content, you show your niche’s expertise and specialized knowledge.

We speak your language.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Marketing Services for Manufacturers

Find out about Digitale’s specialized B2B digital marketing services to Manufacturing Companies.

  • Integrated Digital Strategy

    Creating an innovative strategic plan leads you to choose the most appropriate digital steps. With practices such as website architecture and SEO copywriting, you can quickly expand in your targeted markets.

  • Attracting targeted high-value companies

    Our I.ABM method uniquely combines account-based marketing with inbound marketing in order not only to increase traffic but also to attract quality leads from specific companies that belong to your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile).

  • Did you know that with inbound methodology

    Υou can increase the percentage of finding new customers?

    With HubSpot, companies have achieved:

    • 44%

      increase in new opportunities✷

    • x3

      more customers✷

    • 120%

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  • Strengthen sales and marketing with new tools

    With innovative and 100% customized digital marketing B2B automation, you effectively organize the internal sales & marketing departments, save operational time and enjoy greater flexibility and complete control.

  • Promote yourself as the market leader

    We identify what makes your business unique, and we create content for each buying stage that will make you stand out and build a relationship of trust with your audience.

Together we can grow better

A specialized team for your Industry

At Digitale we specialize in increasing the number of prospects and promoting your business using Digital Marketing services.


Our customers operate in complex, technical environments and we help them pursue a targeted digital strategy in order to find potential customers in specific markets, increase revenue and establish their position in the market.

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