Case studies

Voiceland | A success story

Telecommunication Company

VOICELAND is an innovative company in corporate telecommunications and specifically VoIP telephony.

They trusted us from the first moment, and we entered a very competitive space with results that surprised even ourselves.

Within one year, we exceeded the ROI forecast by applying our I.ABM methodology that combines Inbound techniques and lead generation campaigns.

Our impressive KPI's

  • 310%

    New Leads

  • 480%

    Increase in Customer's base

  • 350%

    Increase Revenue

  • 450%

    Organic Traffic

Total organic success

Search Results for Voiceland

Our Challenges

The challenge we faced

When VOICELAND contacted us, their problems were related to the lack of marketing strategy, the low site traffic, the low lead conversion rate, and the significantly low positions in organic search engine results pages.


Even though there was a newly built website already running ads and lead campaigns, they couldn’t attract the desired number of interested people. That had to change immediately.


Radical changes in strategy and communication channels were necessary so that the potential of achieving all these goals could exist. And VOICELAND was willing to implement those changes fully.


So, mutual trust became the keystone for this project, and we started working together!

Goals they had set for us:

    • 50% Increase in leads

    • Strengthen brand awareness

    • Improve organic positions

    • Increase site traffic

    • Educate the public on VoIP telephony

Evaluation of actions

What we managed to accomplish

  • Positions 1-5 on Google Organic Search Results

  • 3x New leads

  • Brand awareness that increased direct traffic by 25%

  • 5x Increase traffic from new users

  • 4.3K visits to our blogpost "Call Center: A Complete Guide"

Our I.ABM process

How we did it

We started with Personas Analysis, Competition Research, SWOT Analysis, and many hours of training regarding the business and its services to set up the right strategy.


We set the goals for traffic, leads, conversion rate, organic and direct traffic, and then we created an annual Digital Marketing Plan to achieve them.


We reshaped the site’s outline and content with inbound techniques. Through the Content Strategy we implemented, we began to educate the public on the benefits and advantages of VoIP telephony. This way, we accredited VOICELAND with the thought leader role in their niche.


To help the sales department achieve its own goals in closing deals with new customers and managing leads, we trained them at Hubspot Sales and strengthened the sales process with sales tools & automation.

Digitale case-study step-1

Discovery Analysis

We analyzed the company, the industry, and the competitors during the Discovery process. We divided the target audience into personas, trained in the sales process the company applied and recorded their current situation in the digital environment.

Implementation time: 3 weeks

Digitale case-study step-1

Strategy & ROI

Having all the information and data from the Discovery phase, we proceeded to the Strategy implementation. VOICELAND adopted the I.ABM methodology we have developed for B2B businesses.

The Strategy we followed was divided into three pillars:

  1. Brand Awareness to dynamically enter the business telephony market 
  2. Increase qualified leads and set a more effective lead management scheme
  3. Educating the public and highlighting VOICELAND’s expertise


Based on this data and using the HubSpot ROI Calculator tool, we made a return on investment estimation for six months, one year and two years regarding Traffic, Leads, Customers, and Revenue.



Digitale case-study step-1

Inbound Marketing Plan & ABM

We applied inbound marketing techniques, such as creating valuable content (blogposts, FAQs, ebooks), implementing SEO strategy, creating engaging content on social media, and constantly updating prospects with professional newsletters.


To gain more traffic and strengthen the company’s brand, we invested in targeted Google Ads Campaigns & remarketing.


To increase qualified leads, we have integrated Account-Based marketing tools and ads to target industries of high potential and specific companies.

Digitale case-study step-1

Hubspot Platform

The sales team needed a modern tool to manage leads and retain existing customers.


Digitale team took over to integrate the company’s sales processes, propose new ones and offer hands-on training on the HubSpot Sales platform to the sales department.


With HubSpot Sales Pro we enabled sales automation, workflows, sequences, tasks and auto-reminders, a calendar for sales representatives, and real-time sales analytics, all in one place.

The team became familiar with the HubSpot platform so quickly that they integrated the HubSpot Service on their own for excellent and prompt service of their customers’ requests.

Digitale case-study step-1

Website Marketing & Restructure

From the statistics and numbers we were given, it was apparent that the site, although it had just been launched, didn’t serve the needs and goals of the company.

The triple goal: To achieve higher organic positions, make the site work as a lead generation tool and create better UI/UX for users.

We worked on redesigning the website with SEO specifications in order not only to increase traffic but also to make the website more informative with a better UX for its visitors.

At the same time, we created a content strategy that helps each persona find solutions to their needs. We focused on lead magnets encouraging users to contact the sales department.


Actions we took & Technologies we applied


  • Lead Generation
  • CPC Ads
  • Awareness Ads
  • Remarketing
  • ABM Ads

Social media

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Content marketing

  • Blogposts
  • Ebook
  • FAQs

Email Marketing

  • Sales Emails Automation
  • Marketing Emails


  • HubSpot Sales & Service Pro
  • Website Chatbot
  • Website Tracking Companies

CEO | Voiceland

Ioannis Vamvakaris

They are inspirational people and easy to work with! Really kind staff and always available for meetings. We also have great chemistry with the whole team! They managed to increase our sales and at the same time keep our budget under control. Pleasure working with them! Thank you, team!

The outcome

Voiceland results

Some of the impressive numbers are:


Turnover Increase


Customer Increase

  • +450%

    Organic traffic

  • +58%

    Brand traffic

  • 184%

    Increase in site traffic

  • +27%

    Conversion Rate (Visitors to Leads)