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A Digital Marketing strategy is a complete plan aiming to fulfil specific marketing goals of a business in a focused and achievable way. It takes into account what your business is currently doing well and what goal difficulties it’s facing, in order to create a plan for achieving them.


Digital Marketing strategy helps your business achieve specific goals through carefully selected online marketing channels, such as creating content on your site and social media and advertising on digital media.

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Strategic Action Plan

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

By implementing a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy we help B2B companies understand their current market position, research the needs and characteristics of their buyers, identify their strategic opportunities and create a path towards achieving their goals.


Our goal is to help you reach targeted stakeholders, sway them to interact with you and become your customers.

This requires a period of 2-3 months where we study all the data, do competition research and persona analysis. We define the buyer’s journey and configure all your digital channels from your website to your business social media accounts, in order to serve your goals.


Then we create an Integrated Marketing Plan with the tactics to be followed and a view to attain business goals.

The services for implementing a B2B Digital Marketing strategy are:

  • Company Research & Analysis

    Data collection regarding the company, the industry and the competitors’ promotional actions.


    • UX Website analysis
    • Site map creation
    • Lead magnet suggestions
    • Prospect conversion into leads flow estimation
    • SEO audit and site improvement suggestions
    • Keyword Gap and Content Strategy
  • Strategy development

    Creating a strategy, setting goals and laying out a plan to achieve them within one year.


    • Creating a strategy with Lean Canvas
    • SWOT analysis
    • Persona development
    • Buyer’s Journey
    • Inbound marketing plan
    • Selection of tech tools
    • Media spend
    • ROI lead generation estimation
  • Design and creation

    We choose the communication channels and the structures needed for the fulfillment of our plan.


    • SEO optimization
    • Creating social media channels
    • Advertising campaign ideation and implementation
    • Illustrations and visuals
    • Content calendar
  • Automation technologies

    We use advanced technology that helps us create automated ways to find and manage leads.


    • HubSpot CRM Platform
    • Identify companies visiting your website
    • Sales automation tools

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Digital Strategy?

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B2B Business & Digital Marketing Strategy

You know that buyers have changed, the sales process has changed and the ways to gain new customers are dramatically different from the past.


Industries and wholesale companies are challenged to do more; attract more buyers, close more deals and manage more channels. They have to handle highly sophisticated technologies and a complex and rapidly changing marketing and sales landscape.


By creating a Digital Marketing strategy, your B2B business can identify new opportunities and challenges, leverage digital solutions, and gain new audiences with targeted content and marketing tactics.

Why do B2Bs need a Digital Marketing strategy?

  • Identify opportunities and challenges

  • Find digital solutions and tools

  • Create well-suited content

  • Attract quality prospects

  • Increase market share and ROI

Key Strategy Objectives

What do B2B companies ask for?

The most important step in developing a marketing strategy is defining your goals.


See the most important goals of B2B companies:


  • Strengthen market presence
  • Increase the number of new prospects
  • Better lead management
  • Improve the sales process
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Increase in customer retention
  • Increase ROI
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Digitale Services - Digital Marketing Strategy

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Strategy & Inbound Marketing

At Digitale we use the Inbound and Account-Based Marketing methodology in the strategy we design for you so that it is always adapted to the different needs and goals of each business.


For us, each strategy is unique. Thus, we do not serve competing companies that want to attract the same market share.


The strategy we follow for each company is based on the goals, the audience and certain benchmarks for each niche. All these elements determine the way our tactics will be followed to achieve business goals and not the other way around.


In 8 weeks we will delve into your company, industry and competition, analyze the personas and their buyer journey, define the Inbound Marketing plan, decide on basic KPI’s and estimate the expected results.

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