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A new approach to sales

Inbound methodology for sales assumes that salespersons put the potential buyer’s needs above their gain. As a process, it is the direct opposite of outbound audience attraction (e.g. cold calls).


B2B Inbound Sales techniques focus on the buyer and their needs. This type of sales is part of the Inbound Methodology and complements the client-centric philosophy of a modern B2B organization.

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B2B companies & Inbound Sales

Whether you have an existing sales process or are starting fresh, we will create the most suitable process for attracting and managing new leads using HubSpot’s tools and our B2B Inbound Sales process.


Through discovery calls and meetings, we will create the personas and ideal company profiles you want to target and then we will build the Buyer’s Journey together. This way, we can set up your company’s sales pipeline so that you know which steps to take at every stage of a potential buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration, decision). 

Following training for the Β2Β Inbound Sales approach, we will create optimized email templates and communication channels for prospects and check their effectiveness through HubSpot.


Finally, we will provide the necessary training for all the modern sales tools used by sales departments globally, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Vidyard for sales videos, and Albacross for identifying and attracting all the companies that visit your website. 

Why do B2B companies need the Inbound Sales method?

  • Brand awareness and penetration to new audiences

    Through your collaboration, you can inspire trust in an Inbound way and allow your customers to feel the utmost safety. Connect with them and offer them a unique service experience. 

  • Creating added value through the collaboration

    Cultivate the added value that your customer enjoys every time your company serves them. Leverage every margin to fully understand your customer’s needs. 

  • Collaborations that last longer

    Address the expectations of even the most demanding customers and stand out from the competition through an organized B2B Inbound Sales policy.

  • Automation in the information flow

    Automate how the marketing and sales departments communicate and update each other. Record information in an organized manner and turn knowledge into power for your organization. 

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New B2B sales potential

Ιnbound Sales Services

Using an Inbound approach to sales, B2B companies earn more recognition. The Inbound stance helps a brand successfully penetrate more “inaccessible” audiences. In this way, sales teams address customers who are more ready to buy and, continuing with Inbound methods, close deals more efficiently.


Furthermore, the Inbound methodology in sales cultivates a feeling of trust and increases the added value within a customer’s collaboration with you. By focusing on solving the problems of a new customer and not on the service or your product itself, you set the foundations for a relationship of honest collaboration, and you build thought leadership.


Every day, your potential customers seek solutions to their problems. They aim to become informed and trained on issues in their field of activity. If your company already generously offers this knowledge, it’s easier to create fruitful communication between businesses.

Why do B2B companies need the Inbound Sales method?

  • Better Lead Management

  • Sales team closes deals more easily

  • Company become thought leader

  • New lead opportunities

  • Spending time only in qualified leads

Hit the ground running

Equip the sales department with optimized tools

According to the State of Inbound measurements, sales departments believe that closing a deal is more important than improving effectiveness in attracting suitable prospects.


At Digitale, we believe that sales teams can yield much better results when they use modern technological tools and automation. Through HubSpot CRM, we have helped more than 25 sales departments to achieve higher goals, adopt teamwork in the sales process and track the performance of their activities.

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Organization and sales in a digital environment

Inbound Sales & HubSpot

At Digitale, we trust HubSpot CRM to organise a sales department and automate its processes. Whether you are just beginning with B2B Inbound Sales or if you already use Inbound SalesHubSpot Sales Hub will help you create the ideal management for your sales pipeline.


Benefits from automation such as personalized emails and follow-ups. Track sales performance and quickly make predictions through analytics reports and statistical data collected automatically by HubSpot. See your company perform the way it should through the most comprehensive CRM platform in the world. 

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