Email Marketing

The unbeatable channel for B2B

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy used by thousands of companies worldwide to build brand awareness, increase sales and build customer relationships.


77% of executives prefer to receive email marketing communications. Thus, email marketing is an important channel to achieve your goals and increase ROI in B2B businesses.


At Digitale, email marketing is an integral part of the Inbound methodology both for new prospects and existing customers.

Our I.ABM Method

Email Marketing

Every Email Marketing campaign requires a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by your recipients.


Email Marketing success comes from delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

With our Email Marketing services, we help you speed up your sales cycle by increasing each campaign’s click-through rates and email open rates.


By optimizing recipient lists and creating custom email content, we increase the recipients’ engagement and interaction with your business.

Our Email Marketing services include:

  • Buyer Persona Analysis

    Ideal buyer’s personality characteristics.

  • Market segmentation in lists

    Contacts with similar traits are grouped.

  • Lead nurturing strategy plan

    Ways to nurture each lead from now on.

  • Email Marketing automation

    Connection with automation tools.

  • Direct email content creation

    Personalized content for the recipient.

  • Newsletter creation and mailing

    Email campaign implementation.

  • Campaign analysis and reporting

    Evaluation of the Email Marketing campaign results.

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Email Marketing Procedure?

Direct Marketing with measurable results

Why B2B email marketing

B2B businesses need Email Marketing to nurture relationships with their clients in a more personalized way.


By maintaining a direct marketing philosophy while leveraging automation technologies, B2B businesses can shorten sales cycles and increase Return on Investment (ROI).


A B2B company has the chance to send the most suitable message to each recipient, bringing them closer to the decision stage. This way, B2Bs can send emails in bulk, but with each message having a completely human touch.


With targeted leads and a better-informed audience, more and more sales opportunities are emerging. Thanks to marketing automations, we can observe campaign progress and optimize Email Marketing practices according to your business’s strategy. 

Why do B2B businesses need Email Marketing?

  • Higher ROI

  • Enhancing brand awareness

  • Maintaining relationships with customers

  • Shorter sales cycles

  • More prepared and well-informed buyers

  • Targeted lead generation

  • Increase website traffic

  • Reach customers in real time

An everlasting channel in B2B communications

Email Marketing in a glance

  • More than 306 billion emails are sent and received every day (Statista 2021)


  • 72% of B2B buyers share useful content easier via email


  • On average, e-mail marketing generates 32€  for every 1€ spent. This means ROI 3200% (HubSpot)
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Email Marketing & Inbound

Email Marketing as part of our Process

The Inbound methodology combines perfectly with Email Marketing, as it provides the ideal framework for successful email campaigns.


Both buyer personas and content play a prominent role in Inbound methodology. Using the right content and understanding the buyer’s personality leads to better targeting and clearer transmission of the message.


One of the aspects of Inbound methodology is to build thought leadership for your brand and relationships of trust with your customers. This pursuit is reflected in the message of email campaigns and feeds the image of specialization in your field.


At Digitale, we implement Email Marketing campaigns that always follow the Inbound method. We create unique email content for industry buyers you are interested in attracting.


We monitor the performance of each campaign and help B2B companies convey the right message to customers and prospects so that they can grow by utilizing all sales opportunities.

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