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Paid Media in B2B Digital Marketing

77% of B2B marketers rate online advertising as a high priority.


By utilizing the possibilities provided by paid media, i.e. by advertising on Google, Youtube but also on social media, a B2B company enhances lead generation and completes the marketing mix, while strengthening the Inbound methodology it applies.

Inbound Methodology

Our Paid Media services

Organic results on search engine pages are sometimes not enough for most B2B companies. Businesses choose paid online advertising to grow their online presence, gain recognition and attract visitors to their website.

To fully benefit from Paid Media B2B companies need a dynamic digital strategy, deep understanding of potential buyers’ needs and application of proven B2B advertising techniques.

Recommended Paid Media for B2B advertising campaigns

  • Search campaigns

    Advertising on search engines just above organic results.

  • Display advertising

    Google Display Network banner ads – used mostly in the awareness stage.

  • Paid social

    Targeted social media ads, according to the company’s attract strategy.

  • B2B programmatic ads

    Creating personalized ads and specific company targeting – implemented as a part of the Account Based Marketing approach.

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The role of online advertising

B2B Business & Paid Media

Advertising is not a substitute for trying to create useful content on your own media. However, it helps organizations be more sociable.


A B2B business needs Paid Media to identify market segments looking for similar services. Paid Media comes to create a communication path between the company and its audience, in a direct and targeted manner.

Of course, advertising also serves as a reminder, stimulating the relationship between company and customers. An active relationship with the clientele works as a catalyst for business sustainability and development.

Why do B2Bs need Paid Media?

  • Increase site traffic

  • Create brand awareness

  • Find qualified leads

  • Business development abroad

Numbers do prove it:

Paid Media matters

For B2B businesses, social media advertising is one of their most important marketing tools. The two platforms they trust more are:


  • 91% Facebook ads
  • 81% of LinkedIn ads

As Inbound marketers, we treat your advertising budget as an investment for your brand. With all our powers combined, we achieve an integrative improvement in performance regarding paid and owned media.

Our methodology
Digitale Services - Paid Media

Integrated Inbound approach

Paid Media as a part of our Process

At Digitale we apply advertising techniques, which are aligned to the needs and strategic goals of your company. We invest time in getting the full picture of your niche to implement paid campaigns that result in much more than a few clicks.


Paid Media are a part of an integrated Inbound strategy approach, which includes specific and measurable marketing goals. They are, in other words, fundamental links of the strategy chain and work as a lead generation accelerator.


For us, the advertising effort of attracting prospects doesn’t stop at the implementation and completion of an ad campaign. Right after a campaign has concluded, we follow the prospect’s buyer journey, creating a natural flow towards the conversion.

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