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B2B Sales Digital Tools will take you to the next level of successful sales

Behind every successful sale, there are many factors. In this modern market, a sales representative – aside from knowledge and persuasion – needs empathy, motivation, and the right B2B Sales Digital Tools. The human aspect of sales is never eliminated – that is a fact. But here, another fact coexists: The process of purchasing and selecting a supplier now starts online. Sales professionals know this well and have adapted to the new environment, using social networks and technology to their advantage.

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Digital Sales Tools we use

At Digitale we use some of the best sales tools that will help you maintain your flow, improve your team’s performance, automate cumbersome tasks or change your sales process.

We train you on them and integrate them into your sales pipeline to help you automate the sales processes.

A few of our tools for supporting B2B Sales:

  • HubSpot CRM - The best sales tool for growth

    As HubSpot Gold Partners, at Digitale, we trust HubSpot CRM to organize a sales department and automate its processes. Whether you are just starting out with B2B Inbound sales or already using Inbound Sales, HubSpot Sales Hub will help you create the ideal management for your sales pipeline.

  • Tool for lead generation from your website

    IP Tracking is a technology that connects to your website and gathers data about the companies that visit your website to help you find new leads, identify decision-makers and facilitate the closing of deals. Furthermore, it allows you to advertise to the particular companies you wish to target, wherever in the world they are located.

  • Video Sales tool

    We used an innovative online video tool for businesses integrated into the HubSpot environment. This saas is ideal for lead nurturing in B2B companies more than just a video hosting platform. Salespeople can use it to record and send customized videos to prospects, existing customers, and colleagues.

  • Companies automation and acceleration of sales

    With a companies automation tool, you can find more prospects, verify contacts and mailing lists, track the progress of your prospect and automate the dissemination of sales emails through drip campaigns. Save time for your sales team and improve your revenue through a customized automated approach and more than 2000 integration options.

  • Tool for finding and verifying company email addresses

    This app allows you to find professional email addresses within seconds to connect to the people who matter for your business.

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