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Social Media in the B2B Marketing Plan

Social networks are an integral part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan for every B2B business.


By integrating Social Media Marketing into your plan, you offer multi-channel communication to customers and, at the same time, enhance brand awareness.


Social networks can bring multiple benefits to any B2B organization, and thus they are an integral part of our Inbound methodology.

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Our Social Media Marketing services

To connect with your audience on social media, you need to create and share interesting content for them.


However, Social Media Marketing is not just about managing social media accounts.

Coaching and guidance of the company’s executives and the implementation of effective paid campaigns dynamically activate the potential of social networks, creating benefits for the company.

B2B Social Media Marketing includes:

  • Creating a Social Media strategy

    As a part of the Digital Marketing strategy of the company.

  • Social media management

    It concerns content scheduling and posting.

  • Social media coaching

    Training of executives and in-house marketing teams on issues of corporate account management.

  • Implementation of a social media campaign

    Audience segmentation, goal setting and campaign monitoring.

  • Optimization

    Audit of B2B social media plan and optimization of the overall Social Media Marketing performance.

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B2B Business & Social Media

By having an active presence on social networks, a B2B business can increase brand awareness and present its products to even more people. Social media can become a direct promotion channel, which creates leads and brings traffic to the company’s website.


Social media are also a way to gather information about your customers and competitors. Through social media, you can find out which products the competition promotes and which actions have an actual impact on the public.


At the same time, you can interact with the followers of your business, answer their questions and thus build a relationship of trust with them.

Why do B2Bs need Social Media?

  • Brand awareness

  • Lead generation

  • Strengthening company-audience relationships

  • Competition monitoring

The power of Social Media

For efficient digital strategies

LinkedIn has 73% of the best performance rate for B2B lead generation and social engagement compared to other available social networks.


Whatever network you use, social media content should always be in line with the style of platform used (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in order to be attractive to the respective audience, increasing engagement and conversions.

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Social Media Marketing & Inbound

Social Media as part of our Process

Social Media Marketing is associated with the Inbound method and helps in social proof and prestige for your brand.


Inbound Marketing is based on attracting the interest of potential customers and rewarding them with extra material and content. In combination with social media, we can follow all Inbound practices and apply them to an even larger audience segment.


The active presence of a B2B company on social media is related to the organic search results, maximizing the chances of gaining new visitors to the company’s website. Social media accounts also function as brand signals, raising the site’s page authority and gaining the public’s trust faster.

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