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The shipping industry used always to be slow to embrace new technologies, but nowadays, it faces the challenge of digital transformation. The business model is redefined with automation, SaaS, and analytics that promise better performance, cost reduction, and increased profitability. 


Digital marketing is a new field that demands specialization in methods and tools to bring results.


The leaders of the shipping and maritime industry are encouraged to implement the new technologies, but they often follow wrong practices such as:

  • An outdated website without a customer service portal or helpful content for the user
  • Limited web visibility and absence of interaction with prospects
  • Absence of overall digital strategy with clear goal setting
  • Lack of sales software and automation tools


Shipping companies need to respond to the digital challenge with B2B digital marketing practices such as:

  • Website redesign to improve the sales process
  • SEO practices implementation and content creation to increase brand awareness
  • Overall digital strategy design with goal setting and ROI estimation
  • CRM tools application to enhance cooperation between departments
Solutions for Shipping Companies

How can Digital Marketing be useful?

With many years of experience in the shipping sector, the Digitale team helps companies boost their industry leadership position and find new prospects through our specialized methodology and the HubSpot innovative tools.

With Digitale you can:

  • Enhance communication and relationship with your customers and partners

    Account-based marketing methodology combined with the Digitale tools collects important data for you to discover more opportunities and build solid relationships with new and existing customers or partners.

  • Communicate and boost your leader position in the shipping industry

    Creating quality content with targeted delivery through the website, social media, and email marketing is a cost-effective solution for establishing your leader position online.

  • Expand quickly to new markets in Greece and abroad

    With analytics and real-time data, you can build an overall strategic plan and make your investment profitable while minimizing the risk.

  • %

    86% of B2B companies use their website as a communication channel with existing customers and prospects. - 6th Edition Salesforce Research

  • Help your team with advanced tools and automations

    With automations and guidance by specialists, your internal procedures become faster and more effective while you control the time and resources you devote to each project.

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B2B digital marketing solutions for your company’s growth

Digital Marketing Services that we offer:

At Digitale, you can boost your sales team performance with the customized methodology that we have created for shipping companies and the help of advanced tools like the HubSpot platform.


With Digitale you can:

  • Focus on effective communication and improved customer retention

    Digitale’s customized methodology and HubSpot tools provide personalized solutions. Communication with customers is now driven by their own needs and requirements.

  • Highlight the leadership and the activities of your shipping business

    By redesigning the website, using multi-channel campaigns, social media, and ads based on your brand identity and original content that conveys your expertise, you become established as the market leader.

  • Did you know that you can

    increase your brand visibility and quality leads with the inbound methodology?

    With Digitale’s inbound methodology, companies have achieved:

    • 4x

      Increase in leads

    • 5x

      Increase in monthly website visits

    See HubSpot
  • Attract high-quality leads and strengthen your position in new markets

    Combining account-based with inbound marketing increases quality traffic while raising your brand awareness and revenue enhancement.

  • Support your sales and marketing teams and improve their effectiveness

    The power of Sales Enablement, HubSpot CRM and advanced analytics simplifies the sales process and helps your employees bring better results.

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At Digitale, we are fully aware of the shipping industry’s need for fast and smooth digital transformation, customers experience improvement, and highlighting the leader position in the market. We implement targeted solutions with strategic planning, innovative ideas, and tools, ensuring that our clients succeed in multiple areas.


We specialize in digital transformation by providing digital marketing services exclusively for shipping companies and driving them to reinforce their leading role and profitability.

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