Every company has a story. This is ours.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

We are a B2B Digital Agency that helps companies stand out as knowledge and expertise leaders in the market and increase their sales. We manage to do this with strong content, smart technology, and a team of high experts. The principles of Inbound Marketing are the foundation of what we do.


Give your prospects useful information and help them with their challenges: a simple recipe that works.


We work with various industries and companies, large or small, that have set their benchmark in the market yet face challenges in finding potential customers and have difficulty properly manifesting their brand value and services. We become their strategic partners or the extension of their internal departments, offering sales and marketing support that provides all the necessary elements for sales growth and company digital transformation.


How we started

We started our journey in the digital world in 2011 as marketers of in-house company departments. There we gained significant know-how & expertise, not only in digital marketing but also in the culture of B2B companies.


At the beginning of our agency era, we didn’t serve the B2B sector exclusively. We started with many different companies and retail brands that needed support. But there was always something inside us that led us to the most “complex” and heavy industries.


If we wanted to create value for our customers, we needed to focus and specialize in B2B companies. We decided that things needed to change. We knew our B2B market was looking for smart ways to grow its business with digital marketing and new sales tools.

So in 2018, triggered by our collaboration with HubSpot, everything took its course.


We became the first exclusive B2B Marketing Agency in Greece, developing our own I.ABM methodology, which is based on the principles of Inbound Marketing. We started helping the marketing departments and the sales teams of companies working with us. We helped them achieve their goals by creating content, applying new sales techniques, and turning their website into a well-functioning converting mechanism.


Since then, we have worked with over 40 B2B industries applying our method and utilizing HubSpot in Greece, Cyprus, Dubai, the UK, and the USA.

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We are passionate about helping small and large organizations achieve their goals and grow better.

Our secret sauce is our talented, passionate people

Our team

Collaborating with Digitale, you work with a close-knit team of experienced inbound marketers, strategists, SEO experts, copywriters, and designers working together and adding value to your business.


We work with the agile system to create small specialized teams where everyone specializes in their subject and has direct and close communication with the company they support.


We do not work with ready-made plans and strategies. We plan throughout the project, making continuous adjustments as changes occur to achieve goals and estimate ROI consistently.

Manos Fergadis

Digital Strategist - Owner

Clio Siragaki

Digital Strategist - Co Owner

Sofia Aretou

Digital Marketing Specialist

Filoumena Zlatanou

Digital Marketing Specialist

Louiza Koutsimpela

UI/UX Strategist

Ioanna Griva

Digital Visual Artist

Our values

We work as a team where everyone deals with their projects and all together for the result. We do not execute commands from above. Each of us has the knowledge, the responsibility and the dynamics to reach our goal. We are committed to what we do and every day we aim for the best.

We have created a culture where everyone is treated fairly, regardless of their position. We respect our partners and they respect our team as well. We value different views and they all have a place at our table, as long as they are placed with respect and good intentions.

Everything we have achieved so far is based on the fact that we trust each other. We know that we are all always willing to help and support each other, to solve every challenge together.

We take ownership of our responsibilities and our actions.

We make sure that our services are performed to the highest standards, we do a job that we are proud of and we are really interested in our relationship with our partners.
We want to be able to understand our people and our partners and know what they need without having to be told. We trust our intuition and develop our emotional intelligence because first comes our people and then our work.



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We hope all of the above inspires you and aligns with your own values, morals and ethics. If not, then we may not be the right partner for you. If what you read makes you feel full of energy and confidence - as we felt when we wrote it - then we look forward to meeting you!