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B2B digital marketing for service companies

In the past, traditional marketing practices and word-of-mouth were enough to maintain the customer base and growth.


However, nowadays, service companies need to integrate a holistic digital transformation plan that will enhance all their functional areas such as project management, customer service and sales.


Service companies face the challenge of standing out in a highly competitive environment by taking advantage of online practices.


The complexity of digital marketing together with the lack of the required knowledge and expertise often leads to wrong practices resulting in:

  • Application of ineffective digital marketing practices due to lack of strategic planning
  • Delivery of content that does not reflect the company's image
  • Inability to implement automations to organize projects and departments


The most crucial B2B digital marketing needs for service companies demand immediate targeted changes and actions for:

  • Creating an overall digital strategy with target stages
  • Delivering useful content and applying inbound practices
  • Personnel training in CRM, task management and data integration
Solutions for Professional Service Companies

How can Digital Marketing help service companies?

The experienced Digitale team can boost your sales team performance with the methodology it has created and the help of advanced tools, like the leading HubSpot platform.

With Digitale you can:

  • Grow your business strategically

    Having an online presence is not enough. It would help if you had a high-level strategic plan to reach new customers and markets. With planning, you gain complete control of your actions, and you can modify your campaigns in real-time to bring the best results.

  • Build bridges with your audience through your expertise

    Your online presence should be based on your work, highlighting your expertise. From Linkedin posts to podcasts, your audience expects useful content to make correct judgments and finally make a choice.

  • Attract new high-quality leads

    Online recognition places you at the top of the market and choices of the online audience. Using SEO and ads as fuel, you target the right customers and channel qualified leads to your sales team.

  • %

    Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. - Demand Metric

  • Manage your projects effectively

    It would be best if you made the most of your team’s time and resources to grow your business. Nowadays, you can integrate the work of different groups under one system and have complete control of the project and client management.

Lead Generation method

Do you need help?

Digital Marketing Services

What are the right B2B digital marketing services for you?

With Digitale you can:

  • Build your high-level strategy

    The Digitale team collects and analyzes data on your behalf to help you create a structured strategy with vertical process flows. In this way, you take action to bring you optimum results at the lowest cost.

  • Enhance your brand name and reputation

    By creating and delivering targeted content, you are being established as the market leader. Digitale is responsible for the complete design of your digital brand identity, while providing you with a wide range of actions to take advantage of all the possibilities of the digital world.

  • Did you know that you can

    increase your brand visibility and quality leads with the inbound methodology?

    With Digitale’s inbound methodology, companies have achieved:

    • 20%

      Revenue increase during the first year

    • 300%

      New prospects increase in 18 months

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  • Advertise successfully at a low cost

    With Digitale community-building services, you expand your brand awareness to new audiences and build relationships with your customers. Digitale also creates impressive ads for social media and Google at the lowest possible cost and highest ROI.

  • Get better insights into your procedures

    Using the most advanced tools, you streamline the marketing, sales and service efforts and help departments better cooperate.

A specialized team for your B2B company

Together we can grow better

At Digitale, we offer service companies specialized B2B digital marketing services that enhance all areas of their business and bring online the procedures for reaching new customers, building reputation and promoting thought leadership.


With Digitale you have an experienced team of performance experts, strategists, data analysts, copywriters, and designers who transform your digital presence and achieve the goals you have set.


We give voice to your company and lead it to success through strategic planning.

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