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Digital Marketing for Transport and Logistics Companies

Going digital is already transforming all the Transport and Logistics sector departments and is expected to be the most crucial trend in the near future, as it leads companies to redesign their entire structure. While the web search for logistics services and new partners is increasing, companies stick to traditional sales and marketing methods, leaving untapped new growth opportunities. 


The main challenge for the Transport and Logistics companies is the lack of confidence in how the digital world can benefit and bring them more opportunities.


Applying digital strategies does not underestimate but boosts, even more, the power of the customer-centric approach. Transport and logistic companies should pay particular attention to avoiding bad practices such as:

  • Absence of overall digital strategy with specific goals
  • Limited online branded presence
  • Difficulty in finding new customers
  • Lack of digital sales tools in daily workflow


Transport and Logistics companies need to align their strategies with the customer needs to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Digital marketing strategy design based on buyer persona and ROI
  • Targeted content creation and delivery
  • Use of tracking tools to measure digital marketing efforts
Solutions for Transport and Logistics Companies

How can Digital Marketing be beneficial?

At Digitale, you can boost your sales team performance with the customized methodology that we have created for Transport and Logistics companies and with the help of advanced tools like  HubSpot.

With Digitale, you can:

  • Build trust with your audience

    The personalized and direct communication with the customers through the digital channels makes you the first choice among the competitors. CRM tools help you gain total control of your sales while at the same time offer to your customers an upgraded service experience.

  • Increase your brand awareness

    Build a genuine online presence through social media marketing, storytelling, strategy design and business consulting, while promoting education and establishing actions that drive audience awareness.

  • Expand your target market

    Precise goal setting defines the practices that make your investment effective. With a dynamic website as a hub and automation application, you gain the advantage to expand your business to new markets successfully.

  • %

    “Buyers go through 57% of the buying process before they contact a sales team.” WebFx

  • Perform customized lead generation

    Create relevant content for the customers on high converting landing pages that motivate them to fill out the contact form. Thus, you generate more leads for your sales team and help grow your customer list.

Do you wish to increase your prospects?

Lead Generation method

B2B digital marketing solutions for your company’s growth

Digital Marketing Services that we offer:

At Digitale, you can boost your sales team performance with the customized methodology that we have created for Transport and Logistics companies and with the help of advanced tools and the leading HubSpot development platform.

  • Design your digital strategy

    At Digitale, we evaluate your online presence and the market conditions to design a strategy that will increase the leads and help improve your sales team performance. By applying practices such as CRO and SEO, we help you gain a competitive edge in the B2B sector.

  • Generate new leads quickly and increase your customers

    You can generate more qualified leads and reduce the sales cycle with Digitale’s method that combines account-based with inbound marketing. By building interest for your services and offering incentives, you can increase your customer base.

  • Did you know that with the inbound methodology

    With Digitale’s inbound methodology, you achieve:

    • 4x

      Increase in leads

    • 5x

      Increase in monthly website visits

    • x3

      more website traffic

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  • Use digital channels

    Our team at Digitale chooses on your behalf digital marketing channels from social media to the most effective email marketing. At the same time, it manages your overall online presence and communication with the customers. Your business gets its unique digital brand identity.

  • Create impressive and targeted content

    At Digitale, we create content that conveys your expertise. With suitable content delivery and reporting, you can raise your brand awareness while you have total control of your business image.

A specialized team for your industry

Together we can grow better

Digitale provides specialized digital marketing services for transport and logistics companies to move from traditional to digital marketing and sales.


We help our customers gain a significant competitive advantage in their specialized market by applying targeted strategies and an overall approach.


Taking advantage of the vast potential that digital marketing offers, we enhance the customer-centric approach and establish your brand in the market.

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