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HubSpot Sales Onboarding

Digitale's Sales Hub Onboarding is designed specifically for businesses that are either already using a cloud CRM and want to access the HubSpot platform, or this is the first time they have come in contact with a CRM Client and Process Management Platform.

We will guide you on how to improve your sales processes by automating your tasks and how to communicate with your prospects and customers.


You’ll receive suggestions on how to use your data in HubSpot, learn how to create search and promotion processes, and receive best practices for closing bids faster – all with your business goals in mind.

HubSpot Sales

Onboarding & Sales Consulting

During your onboarding, you will work with us, and as HubSpot Gold Solutions Partners, we will create a roadmap for achieving both your current and long-term goals.


Together we will build the entire platform on your business data and offer best practices to grow your sales team better with HubSpot.


The HubSpot Onboarding service is mandatory for HubSpot Sales Professional and Enterprise in order to ensure the full utilization of the platform and its proper operation by your team.

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After HubSpot Sales Onboarding you will be able to:

  • Manage HubSpot platform by yourself

  • Configure the fields you need

  • Segment your contacts

  • Automate procedures and pending issues

  • Know your deals at all times

  • Have real time sales reporting

  • Find in 1’ all the actions and communications of a customer

Starting with us

Purpose of the Onboarding

The main goal of HubSpot Onboarding is to provide you with all the necessary tools you need to get your business on the right track in the shortest possible time, utilizing the HubSpot platform.


If you start running HubSpot on your own, you can do it successfully, but it can take months or even years. This is because HubSpot is a powerful platform with multiple features and different models based on the needs of each business.

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Get the most of it

HubSpot Sales CRM

With HubSpot Sales Onboarding you will be able to:

  • To provide you with all the necessary training for a successful lead management in the shortest possible time.

  • Take full advantage of all the features provided by the Sales Hub

  • Learn to manage and configure the platform yourself & measure all your actions.

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HubSpot Platform

Strategy & set up

  • Overview of your company’s need under a strategic scope and visual recording of the sales pipeline
  • Visual transfer of the pipeline to HubSpot and establishment of automations for each stage of sale

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Induction & connection

  • Connect HubSpot with your site, your corporate emails, social media accounts etc, and integrate it with other platforms you use.
  • Train teams on the capabilities of HubSpot and configure the platform based on your needs and specifications.
  • Best practices for sales tools (Calls, Email Templates, Automated follow up mails, Meeting, Chat, Notifications, Workflows, etc.) that help you convert your prospects.

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Creating sales automation

Using HubSpot, we will create the personas that you want to target to easily and quickly segment prospects, and we will set the factors for automated lead scoring.


At the same time, we will set up the ways you automatically contact new prospects, and how you regulate tasks and follow ups.

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Sales consulting support

  • Consulting and ongoing support on issues emerging from using the platform and Inbound Sales techniques.
  • Developing of new tactics and strategies for sales teams.

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Sales statistics & reports

We will create reports, analytics and KPI measurements for your team in the Dashboards, including revenue targets, appointments, calls and new deals.


You will receive automatic forecast reports and sales toolbars in your email at the frequency you prefer, and you will be trained on how to make your own custom reports.

What have the trainee companies said about us?

Thank you Digitale for your great support

Digitale implemented for us Inbound Sales and Account Based Marketing Strategies from our baby steps!

Thanks to HubSpot CRM we can now have our leads in one place with their monthly support! Great team with innovative solutions and performance driven.

Hubspot Starter

Why choose us

Digitale as a HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner

Having won the title of HubSpot Gold Partner, it is proven that we have the relevant experience, certifications and dynamics to shape the onboarding and business training in the HubSpot environment, both in terms of Marketing and Sales.


We have already helped companies in more than 40 industries and 5 different countries achieve their goals using HubSpot.


Our goal is to set up the platform based on your needs, and to train you in its best practices and functions. We take care of providing consulting and ongoing support in matters of use of the platform and Inbound Sales & Marketing techniques throughout the whole process.

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Niches of companies we have trained:

  • Telecommunications

  • Tech & SaaS

  • B2B manufacturing

  • StartUps

  • Shipping

  • Construction

  • Medical

  • Non-profit organisations


They have trusted our HubSpot Onboarding Services

We support companies in:
Greece, Cyprus, UAE, USA, UK

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HubSpot Sales Online Boarding

Frequently Asked Questions

See the most common questions asked.

Basic Sales Onboarding lasts 6 hours while Advanced Sales Onboarding lasts 1-3 months following a specific road map.


The duration is determined by the number of trainees, their level and the Sales Hub program they will choose (Professional or Enterprise).


Our team will help you configure HubSpot technicalities, install your data and create any necessary system integrations while we guide you through the ideal sales process.


We offer two different options for your Onboarding.


One is Basic Sales Onboarding which costs 600€  and the other one is Advanced Sales Onboarding which starts at 1,500€ and adapts perfectly to your needs.

The training can be done either live or on-demand with recorded meetings.


We can also work with a hybrid model adapting the training process to the needs of your team and availability.

Although you are now 100% ready to manage the Sales Hub with ease, we are always at your disposal for extra training hours or Q&A.


There is also the possibility of monthly support and counseling.

HubSpot Sales is focused on sales and is essential for the sales department, the sales manager and even the CEO of a company.