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B2B digital marketing for SaaS companies

For SaaS companies, success or failure depends on the customer acquisition and retention strategy.


In this highly competitive industry, you operate, your growth is linked directly to the reliable and constant communication with your clients and the constant reminder of your presence and expertise.


SaaS companies operate in a low-loyalty and long sales-cycle industry.


Differentiation and strategic use of digital marketings are the biggest challenges in an industry characterised by:

  • Flawed definition and measurement of KPIs
  • Difficulty collecting new leads even with a freemium strategy
  • Branding and an online presence that doesn’t reflect the company’s innovation & market position
  • Inability to upsell to existing customers & difficulty to properly communicate all product features


Through the B2B digital marketing services for SaaS companies, you approach your customers with the required professionalism in all of the customer journey’s pain points, including practices such as:

  • Strategic plan design and definition of measurable SMART goals and KPIs
  • Application of high-quality lead-capture techniques through an inbound marketing methodology
  • Improving recognizability by promoting products and constantly communicating with the audience
  • Support and training of the sales department by an external team of digital marketing experts
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How can Digital Marketing assist you?

In the ever-changing and evolving tech environment, we help SaaS companies – whether they are start ups, scale-ups or already established – devise an inbound strategy to acquire a steady flow of new leads while strengthen the existing clientele and the sales department at the sales process.

With Digitale, you can:

  • Build an efficient and stable digital marketing plan

    Digital marketing is a chaotic field where you need to set priorities. The only way to achieve this is by understanding your customers and approaching them properly. Digitale relies on actual data and creates an effective plan based on your customers’ personalities.

  • Strategically expand into new markets nationally and internationally

    All your digital actions must rely on the market’s needs to make the right opening. With our digital marketing strategy, content creation, performance marketing and consulting services, you get a team of dedicated experts who identify opportunities and ensure you achieve your goals.

  • Enhance and manage your reputation and brand name

    With the power of storytelling and content creation, you gain recognition and loyal customers. You need a multi-channel presence that will offer solutions to your customer’s problems at every point in the customer journey.

  • %

    of consumers use social media before deciding to buy software products. - SocialPilot

  • Support and train your team

    Sales & Marketing departments can no longer operate separately. They need shared goals, tools and most of all, training. Digitale brings its own experts to your team and trains it in CRM and sales management tools to strengthen collaboration and skyrocket your sales

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Digital Marketing Services for Tech companies | SaaS

What are the right B2B digital marketing services for you?


With Digitale, you can:

  • Create a strategic plan of digital actions

    Digitale’s people create your digital marketing plan with the right KPIs, practices and tools to create targeted content. Digitale’s methodology relies on your data and buyer persona to target the right audience with immediate and measurable results.

  • Acquire new quality leads and establish yourself in the markets

    Marketing automations give you control over your customers and your activities. Invest in software solutions and inbound methodologies and supply your sales team with quality leads.

  • Did you know that with Inbound methodology you can

    increase visibility and qualified leads?

    With Digitale Inbound methodology, you get:

    • 4x

      Increase of leads in the 1st year

    • 5x

      Increase in website traffic

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  • Showcase your company’s brand and innovation

    Digitale experts create the specialized content that a SaaS company needs. Email marketing, web development, webinars, SEO etc., are combined to increase your reach and boost your reputation.

  • Upgrade the work of your Sales & Marketing departments

    The Digitale team becomes your in-house team without the need for a huge budget and recruitment. Also, through consulting and training, Digitale empowers your team and equips it with confidence in the use of digital tools

A specialized team for your SaaS company

Together we can grow better

At Digitale, Gold HubSpot Solutions Partner, we will apply the appropriate methodology to succeed based on your goals and resources with a combination of owned media, paid media and technology.


Our experienced team of strategists, performance marketers, digital marketing experts and creators knows perfectly well how to help you through its holistic services.

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