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Our I.ABM method


Our Inbound & Account Based Marketing (I.ABM) approach applies to your business for effective lead generation.

Our collaboration with more than 40 different B2B industries and HubSpot technology have led us to develop I.ABM, one of the most powerful B2B digital marketing approaches, that combines Inbound & Account Based Marketing strategies.

Focusing on your customers

The Marketing flywheel

We focus on your customers and the development of your business, and we deal with Sales, Marketing & Customer Service at all levels.

Our method is holistic. It unites all parts of a business that need to be strengthened via tools and processes, to achieve an overall growth.


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How We Work

Our Method

The I.ABM method consists of 2 phases: The Implementation Phase that concerns the Strategic Planning and the Setting necessary to achieve your goals, and the Management Phase that concerns the monthly management and optimization of your project. In the first 2-3 months we get to know your business, your audience, your sales pipeline and the marketing actions you take to achieve your goals.


We will audit all your communication channels, and we will analyze the competition and the industry to set the appropriate benchmarks. After defining the appropriate strategy to be followed, we will make an annual marketing plan of actions that will be implemented monthly.


Combining our forces we can support your in-house marketing teams or be an outsource marketing department for the needs of your business, providing a wide range of Digital Marketing Services.

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Discovery Call & Method Presentation

The most important step for us is to understand your business, your needs and goals so that we can choose the right approach and define its scope. An experienced Digital Strategist will discuss the goals, needs and services you need.



This first non-binding meeting allows us to determine the work that needs to be done, and what method we need to follow to bring growth to your business.

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Strategic Analysis & Persona Development

In order to speak effectively to your audience, we need to know you as well as if we were your salespeople. During this phase, our main goal is to fully understand your business, your selling process, your way of attracting prospects and your audience.



We work with you to find out what makes your company unique, what your ideal customer is like, what their needs are, and what steps they take to select their suppliers.

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Site Audit, structure & SEO strategy

Next, we do a total audit of your business’s online presence, analyzing your site and the corresponding pages of your competitors. This phase helps us diagnose any problems and determine how to build your site in terms of SEO Structure and UX / UI optimization.



We will also research the keywords you need to improve your rankings and provide you with a comprehensive SEO strategy plan to increase your organic results.

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Inbound Action Plan & Digital Ads Plan

Depending on your industry and goals, we will implement an effective inbound marketing strategy. Based on your audience, their needs and the content you can offer, we produce an outright inbound marketing strategy that helps you attract new customers.



We take into account your lead generation goals and decide on the tools we need to achieve them, such as content and leads acquisition strategy, social media and more technical services like SEO optimization and marketing automations.

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Communication channels & setup

At this stage of the project, we will prepare your communication channels and set up all the advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Social Media.



In addition, we will link your site to all platforms and social media using Google Tag Manager so that you have access and immediate response without needing a developer.

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HubSpot CRM Training

HubSpot is the tool that connects all business communication, including prospects and customers. We will train you on the HubSpot platform and the inbound marketing tools it offers.



This way all departments will be working based on the same information and we will be able to record our sources and campaigns, as well as the results they bring. Once you have completed your basic hands-on training, we will explore additional features you will need, such as the sales automation and marketing tools offered by HubSpot.

After Implementation

Monthly Μanagement

After completing the 5 stages of Implementation we start the monthly Management and monitoring of your project. A team of 9 people will deal with the content, visuals, social media, seo, newsletters, ads and the lead generation of your business.



During the management stage we are responsible for all digital communication and the results of our actions.

Our Services

  • Content creation, social media marketing, PPC campaigns, SEO, email marketing & Inbound campaigns

  • We work with Project management tools and all our platforms facilitate the control process