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Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a focused development strategy, in which marketing and sales use customized content and work together to reach high-value customers, defined as “Ideal Company Profile”.


With Account Based Marketing (ABM) you can target and attract customers at a company level. ABM is ideally combined with the Inbound method.


Both practices aim to reach high-value customers by providing useful valuable content, and by understanding customer needs.

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Account Based Marketing

In the ABM approach, Marketing and Sales collaboration is the key to success. The mechanism that follows is based on the target companies and since they are at the center of our actions, we have analyzed their needs and desires.

The Marketing department takes care to create targeted content and campaigns that will focus exactly on these companies and their staff. Then, the Sales department undertakes the direct communication and the connection with the company decision-makers.

The 4 stages of ABM:

  • Identification of target companies (ICP)

    We Investigate:


    • Which companies do we want to reach and what are the main issues they seek to resolve?
    • How can we help them with our expertise?
  • Creating targeted campaigns and content

    We Decide:


    • Who are the decision-makers and what content needs to be created to get their attention?
    • On which channels will we be publishing it?
  • Building relationships

    We Organize:


    • Create contacts and approach significant people of the company through the sales department
    • LinkedIn Social Selling, Automated Sales Emails
  • Evaluation of actions

    We Evaluate:


    • Comparison of the result of the ABM approach with quantitative and qualitative criteria
    • Recording targeted companies’ actions 
    • Sales representatives processes

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B2B & Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a proven method that allows you to focus your efforts and investment on your target companies, which are going to bring high value to your business.


Your marketing efforts need to be highly targeted and personalized to be effective. Otherwise, you are just wasting time and money on companies that will never be able to buy from you.


With this method, a B2B company no longer needs to dedicate resources to everyone requesting its services or products, but only to high-value leads of its choice.

Why do B2Bs need ABM?

  • Targeting high-value companies

  • Collaboration between Marketing and Sales

  • Reduction of the sales cycle

  • Ability to expand into new markets

  • Cross-selling & up-selling to existing customers

Aim with absolute precision


Account-Based Marketing is the approach that maximizes profits for B2B businesses.


Specifically, there was a 208% increase in profitability of companies that implemented ABM tactics in 2018, and thus helped the cooperation between marketing and sales departments.

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How we utilize ABM

Account-Based Marketing & Inbound

To start an ABM plan we make the necessary appointments with you and together we:

  1. Identify and select the ideal target company profile for your business
  2. Work together with Marketing and Sales to create a common plan of action and content
  3. Set up the proper advertising campaigns to attract specific target companies (ABM programmatic ads, IP company tracking)
  4. Design our website in a way that meets the needs of the target companies
  5. Guide sales managers to build relationships with certain employees who will drive influence or make decisions (Social Selling)
  6. Monitor and analyze ABM results informing you in real-time which specific companies visited the site & from which sources
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