Inbound marketing

The most effective method for B2B

Inbound Marketing is a method that combines all the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle such as lead generation, content marketing (landing pages, blogging, ebooks, etc.), live webinars, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.


The purpose of this methodology is to bring the prospect closer to your product or service, not your product in front of the prospect. B2B companies have used Inbound Marketing more and more in recent years, as their customers now know what they are looking for or what problem they have to solve.


B2B Inbound Marketing attracts quality customers by creating helpful content that answers their queries and brings them one step closer to purchasing.

Our I.ABM method
The Flywheel model

Inbound Marketing Methodology

To implement an Inbound Marketing strategy, we rely on the wheel of continuous flow (Inbound flywheel) created by HubSpot. This wheel places customers at the center, treating them as an integral key part for business growth.


The flow streams around the customer, and all the teams are working towards a common goal: attract new prospects, connect with them, and delight every existing customer.


When all your teams are aligned around the same methodology, you can provide an integrated experience to anyone who interacts with your business.

At Inbound Marketing we apply tactics that include:


  • UX Website strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • B2B Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Targeted Ads
  • Design of optimized landing pages
  • Create content offers
  • Email Marketing
  • HubSpot Platform integration
  • Social Selling

The Inbound Marketing strategy focuses on three key principles:

  • Attract

    We attract prospects through useful content that answers questions, solves problems, and highlights the expertise of the company.



    • Content marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Social media
    • Social selling
    • Targeted advertising
    • Conversion rate optimization
  • Engage

    We create new contact points and communication pathways between the prospects and your company to serve them promptly. We focus on establishing relationships, not just closing deals.



    • Website and email personalization
    • Audience segmentation
    • Marketing automation
    • Lead management
    • Multi-channel communication (chat, phone, messages, email)
    • Sales automation
    • Lead scoring
  • Delight

    We support and empower customers to achieve their goals and remain happy while they recommend you to new prospects.



    • Self-service (FAQs, videos, chatbot)
    • Availability of multiple communication channels
    • Ticket system for customer service
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • Loyalty programs

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B2B & Inbound Marketing

With the Inbound method, a B2B can explore its customers’ needs in-depth, and thus create applicable solutions to shape the circular flow (flywheel) of customer loyalty.


Every business has different needs and tries to achieve its goals with different methods. Inbound Marketing highlights the human side in business relationships and creates a customer-centric communication path.


The Inbound method combines understanding and trustworthiness to bring growth and measurable results for B2B businesses.


By using a clear message that is not pushy, but instead helps people solve their business problems, a B2B builds a relationship upon trust with each of its potential customers.

Why do B2Bs need the Inbound methodology?

  • Undertaking a thought leadership role

  • Higher in numbers and quality prospects

  • Omnichannel communication

  • Stronger customer loyalty

  • Lower cost per lead

  • Turning customers into enthusiastic brand advocates

The difference of the Inbound methodology

Numbers & Statistics

Inbound Marketing Tactics:

  • Produce 54% more leads than traditional marketing techniques
  • Reduce the cost per lead by 80%, 5 months after the initial implementation
  • Increase organic traffic on the website by 38%
  • Generate 41% more qualified leads


We use Inbound methodology to turn ordinary prospects into enthusiastic supporters of your business.


We build active relationships with them, which will later inspire their long-term trust in your business.

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To design a strong strategy, we utilize all the tools a modern B2B business needs, to target and serve its audience. We attract the right prospects and send them to your sales team when they are at the most ready-to-buy stage.


At Digitale, as Hubspot Gold Partners, we follow the Inbound Method in both Marketing and Sales, with the help of the HubSpot platform.


We help companies create a steady flow of incoming prospects, strengthen their company market value, acquire new customers and increase their revenue. It is a combination of methods merged with technology and digital platforms that provide guaranteed results.


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