Social Media Business Training

Tailor-made Social Media Strategy & Management seminars for businesses

You know the critical role Social Media play in your business. In order to invest in an internal team to manage your channels in an optimal way, you need a well-educated training.


In order for someone to effectively manage the social networks of the company they work for, they must have basic digital skills, marketing and business perception, but also aesthetics and efficient written communication, so they can represent your company on Social Media.

Tailor-made seminars

Social Media Strategy & Management Training

With long-standing experience in in-house training, Digitale provides tailor-made Social Media Strategy & Management seminars for companies.

We have been training companies that want a proper Social Media strategy and are looking for ways to promote their company through social networks for years.

The internal departments of companies often wonder:

  • Are we using Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest) that are the best fit for the business?

  • Should we be present in more channels?

  • How can we spend less time managing business profiles?

  • Is there a way to create professional posts without a graphic designer?

  • What kind of content should we upload on the company’s pages?

  • How can we increase the followers on our company page?

Business Training

Social Media Content & Strategy

Tailor-made for your needs

What’s included in the Social Media Seminar?

Through our seminar, which combines theory and practice, you will learn:


  • The importance of Social Media for a business and the proposed steps to set strategic goals


  • Which are the most suitable communication channels for achieving your goals


  • How to manage them internally, how much time you need and which tools are the best


  • Success tips for Social Media and secrets for effective management


  • Analysis and evaluation of your Social Media pages


  • Ways of advertising on social media

The main modules of the seminar:

  • [THEORY] Strategy configuration & goal-setting for Social Media (2 hours)

  • [THEORY] Ways & practices to succeed on Social Media (2 hours)

  • [PRACTICE] Designing a strategic Social Media plan (2 hours)

  • [PRACTICE] Training on how to use Social Media (6-24 hours)

  • [PRACTICE + THEORY] Ways of advertising on Social Media & set up of advertising accounts (8-16 hours)

  • [PRACTICE] Platforms for scheduling & graphic creation (4-6 hours)

Social Media Business Training

Certified Trainers

We have the knowledge and experience to train you and your staff in using Social Media correctly and effectively, as we have already done for dozens of businesses.


We are certified by Facebook and Google.


We specialize in Social Media Marketing and in company training, while we are also trainers for some of the biggest Digital Marketing Diplomas in Greece.

Digitale Services - Social Media Business Training

100% at your own pace

Personalized training

Personalization means that a seminar will be created exclusively for your business. You will be trained by specialized instructors using data from your own company and according to your specific needs.


The personalized seminar follows a comprehensive practical training. It is based purely on your company and its philosophy; not on pre-designed presentations.


What is the purpose of the seminar?


To understand the importance of Social Media for your business, and be able to effectively manage your communication channels in order to meet specific goals.

Social Media Business Training

Seminar Topics & Cost

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