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As digital marketing has made our world smaller, every year more and more B2B companies are looking to operate globally.

Until now, B2B businesses have been limited to trade shows, industry printed media and cold emails – phones to find new cross-border partnerships. The resources needed for international exhibitions required a lot of time and money.


On the other hand, expanding in new markets is a huge move and B2B companies need to be prepared to handle this with an organized, strategic approach.


Utilize a huge range of tools and practices. Reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time and grow your company today.

What has changed in B2B

Consumers have changed their habits and their research is now starting online, necessitating a dynamic online presence.

In the digital age, expanding your B2B company abroad is easier and cheaper than ever.


of the buyer's journey is now completed digitally.


Of business decision makers prefer to get information about the company from a series of articles over an ad.

Targeted marketing actions

I.ABM Methodology

We help B2B companies implement an effective strategy to expand into new markets.


With ABM techniques, we identify the companies want to target and get their attention with targeted content.


Our process includes:

  • Finding companies by country & size
  • Finding data of the decision-makers ,
  • Competition analysis,
  • Market segmentation
  • Account-Based Marketing Targeted lead campaigns.

How do we help you with this

Our services

  • Finding companies by country or size
  • Identifying decision-makers’ goals
  • Competition analysis
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Global market tools for sales teams
  • Hubspot sales
  • Automations

The process of expanding into new markets is not an easy task.


It requires a combination of practices and tools, but also a specialized team to guide you.

Expand in new Markets

Why work with us:

Our goal is to help the Sales & Marketing departments target specific audiences and generate qualified leads in the markets they want.



With our B2B I.ABM methodology you benefit from:

  • Actions with measurable results
  • Cost-effective investment
  • Increase in quality leads
  • Improve the customer journey
  • Maximize brand awareness
  • Evaluation of investment performance





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Expansion in new markets

Success Stories

Customers Case Studies


Technology | SaaS

Voiceland | A success story

The challenge in the case of VOICELAND was a small traffic to the site and a shallow lead conversion rate. Despite the lead campaigns that ran on social media, they could not bring the desired number of leads, which had to change immediately.

  • 310% - New Leads

  • 480% - Increase in Customer's base

  • 350% - Increase Revenue

  • 450% - Organic Traffic

Case study

B2B Challenges

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Having extensive experience in the B2B industry we have identified the most important difficulties that businesses are called to overcome through the Digital world.