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The support of the marketing department is crucial for the success of all digital actions. With the help of an external partner, your digital investment is based on solid foundations.

Digitale, as a Gold HubSpot Solutions Partner, operates as your in-house marketing team. With experienced digital marketers of high expertise, you make an investment that will bring greater returns in all digital promotion activities.

Marketing Challenges

Help your team stand out

In the recent past, traditional marketing and offline activities required less specialization compared to online marketing. That’s why most companies chose to create an in house team with traditional marketers focused on existing customers.


of B2B companies trust an external partner for digital marketing activities

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Support your Company's Marketing Department

In the highly competitive field of digital marketing, you need experts to strengthen your team with specialized knowledge, creativity and innovative tools.

Today, as audiences become more and more demanding with brand online behaviour, the pressure increases. Now, using only social media posts or face-to-face sales aren’t enough.

Digital marketing Services

When do you need us

Often the efforts of the Marketing department prove to be unsuccessful due to lack of resources, specialization and time.


But you don’t need to worry anymore.


Our team offers support to your in-house marketing department and we work together to:


  • Achieve the most efficient KPIs you have set
  • Train you where you need it the most
  • Maximize brand awareness
  • Bring new, qualified leads to the company

Our goal is through our specialized digital marketing methodology to help your team achieve its goals.


  • Manage costs and save resources
  • Increase efficiency
  • Remove biases
  • Utilize a variety of skills
  • Partner with reliable professionals


Our method

Why Us

Digitale’s methodology

We add value to your company through innovative vision, strategic planning and cutting edge digital marketing tools.


We support your teams and enable your people to focus on important matters for the company.


With our method you can:

  • Operate based on real data and the market feedback
  • Create campaigns beyond the ordinary
  • Target the right audience you are interested in
  • Get benefited by high return on investment
  • Save professional and personal time
  • Gain access to high-end digital tools
  • Coordinate Sales & Marketing departments’ actions
  • Follow new digital trends and the latest digital techniques




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We can help!

Success Stories

Customers Case Studies


Technology | SaaS

Voiceland | A success story

The challenge in the case of VOICELAND was a small traffic to the site and a shallow lead conversion rate. Despite the lead campaigns that ran on social media, they could not bring the desired number of leads, which had to change immediately.

  • 310% - New Leads

  • 480% - Increase in Customer's base

  • 350% - Increase Revenue

  • 450% - Organic Traffic

Case study

B2B Challenges

We understand your needs

Having extensive experience in the B2B industry we have identified the most important difficulties that businesses are called to overcome through the Digital world.