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We help the sales & marketing departments of B2B companies by training them in digital skills and new approaches for sales and customer attraction.

We identify basic needs and challenges and create a custom training plan based on the company’s objectives and the number and knowledge level of the trainees.


When do you need a Digital Training Support?

At a B2B company, the Marketing & Sales teams are the most essential departments, since they focus on its profitability.


Often, these departments focus on serving and retaining an existing customer network without investing in identifying and attracting new prospects.


Our goal is to train your internal teams on how to attract new prospects, as well as how to manage them successfully.



Of Β2Β companies struggle in achieving cooperation between the sales & marketing departments.


of companies that don’t have a digital transformation strategy believe that they have less than a year before losing market share.


Lead Identification & Management

We create a comprehensive mechanism through the Hubspot platform for enabling your Sales & Marketing to work together.


We train your team so that the Marketing department has all the needed tools for effective marketing campaigns, and the Sales department has a mechanism to help secure more customers.


With our long-standing experience as certified trainers in Digital Μarketing Diplomas, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs and executives in B2B companies.


Our digital training services

 We have created an integrated plan that covers all your needs regarding Marketing & Inbound Sales:


  • Ιnbound Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategy Creation
  • Training in content creation & management (Social Media, Newsletters)
  • Centralized management of all marketing campaigns
  • Integrated Sales & Marketing platform for increasing and managing leads
  • Inbound Sales Strategies
  • Empowerment of the sales department in the lead management process
  • Statistics, Reporting and KPIs
  • Real-Time Data for lead generation

Sales & Marketing Cooperation



Of Β2Β marketers recognize the difficulty in accessing sales data

We help the Marketing  & Sales departments to work jointly, by empowering them with:

  • Activity plan
  • Inbound Techniques
  • New technologies
  • CRM tools
Our method

Why Us

ΗubSpot Gold Solutions Partners

Having earned the HubSpot Gold Partner title, we have proven that we have the relevant expertise, certifications and dynamic to frame your company’s training with the HubSpot platform, on the Marketing and Sales level.


Our goal is to set up the platform based on your needs, to train your team on optimized processes and operations. Throughout the platform’s use, we make sure to provide consulting and constant support on operation issues and Inbound Sales & Marketing techniques.





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Success Stories

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Technology | SaaS

Voiceland | A success story

The challenge in the case of VOICELAND was a small traffic to the site and a shallow lead conversion rate. Despite the lead campaigns that ran on social media, they could not bring the desired number of leads, which had to change immediately.

  • 310% - New Leads

  • 480% - Increase in Customer's base

  • 350% - Increase Revenue

  • 450% - Organic Traffic

Case study

B2B Challenges

We understand your needs

Having extensive experience in the B2B industry we have identified the most important difficulties that businesses are called to overcome through the Digital world.