B2B Content marketing

Useful Content that produces leads

Content Marketing is the production of useful content that answers your buyers’ questions and its distribution to the right channels.


It is now a common secret that in the digital world, “Content is king“. What you may not be aware of is that more and more B2B companies are using content marketing as a tactic to gain new prospects.


By offering your knowledge and giving solutions to their problems, you attract new customers and receive quality leads.

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Content that builds trust

Content Marketing in practice

Content is everything we write and distribute among our channels. With content marketing you create quality and targeted content that answers users’ questions.


Thus, it is more likely to reach the eyes of your potential customers.

By uploading articles, surveys, studies or guides, and case studies to your site, your company becomes visible in the search engines without having to rely solely on ads.


In addition, creating content that provides solutions helps you take up a thought leadership role, highlighting your expertise.

In our Content Marketing services we offer:

  • Business blogging

    Creating a blog & writing explanatory articles, directly or indirectly related to the company’s products and services

  • Epic content writing

    Useful and explanatory lengthy content in digital form, e.g. pillar pages, e-Books etc

  • Writing manuals

    Detailed guides and How-to content, including text and illustrations in digital format

  • Case studies

    Data recording and curation in the form of a case study

  • Open comparison with the competition

    Analysis of advantages concerning the competition and comparison of advantages of each side

Do you want to become

A Thought leader in your niche?

The foundation of a successful strategy

B2B & Content Marketing

To generate leads through content marketing, your company needs to promote its niche content.


Your site visitors don’t only want to see how strong your company is but also to read content related to their specific business issues. This way, they will feel confident you understand their problem.


By promoting and advertising your solutions through useful content, it is more likely that a potential customer will understand your company’s value and therefore trust you.


With content marketing, you establish yourself as a leader in your field and increase the number of quality prospects.

Why do B2Bs need Content Marketing?

  • Lead generation - Lead nurturing

  • Thought leadership

  • Promoting solutions to businesses

  • Connection with the target audience

  • High positions in search engines

We create the content

Your customers need

89% of B2B marketers use Content Marketing to generate leads!


The content we create for you gathers the interest of your potential customers and brings them one step closer to choosing your company for collaboration, to address the needs of their own business.

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Digitale Services - B2B Content marketing

How we work

Content Marketing & Inbound Methodology

Content Marketing is at the core of the Inbound methodology and is an integral part of our method.


At Digitale, we have an experienced team of skilled B2B Copywriters who undertake the research, writing, and promotion of your content.


We understand your concerns that your B2B business has very specialized content with technical terms and performance difficulties; we are here to make it accessible and comprehensible to your prospects.


To achieve this, we dedicate time to your company, doing interviews and role-playing with your staff and researching the industry and your target audience. This is how we become acquainted with your niche and highlight your knowledge and know-how.

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We offer Inbound & Account Based Marketing Services that generate qualified leads for your business.

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